Monday, July 2, 2012

Milwaukee Seven - Tape 1

So I finally got this thing together:

01 Jet Pack Crash*
02 Sasquatch
03 Manchild
04 Pants Situation
05 Pressure (Billy Joel)*
06 Big Mouth Strikes Again (Smiths)*
07 Mountain Song (Crucifucks)
08 Jimson Isolation (Integrity)
09 Fuck Your Amerika (7 Seconds)

*rerecorded for this tape. 
recorded to a laptop using computer shit 2011 through yesterday. 
Sean - Vocals, programming, occasional songwriting, MIDI reconstructions
The Milwaukee Seven Machines are: Roland MC-808, Alesis SR-18, EH V256, Line 6 Pod XT.  The dude on the cover is George Carlin. 


  1. Cooool,man I want a physical copy! I will listen to this at work on tuesday.Great band!

    1. Thanks man, I was already going to send you one anyway haha.